The laundry room is on the middle floor next to the lift.
There is a rota system in place to use the laundry facilities.
Couples are allocated two laundry slots. It is not permitted
to use the laundry facilities before 9am or after 6pm and not at all on


A Health Visitor calls on a quarterly basis to carry out health checks
for those tenants who wish to take the opportunity.
Once a year during Health and Happy Week there is advice available from Health Trainers on giving up smoking, losing weight, drinking sensibly, eating healthily, getting active and salt and sugar workshop.    The people who attend that event receive a complimentary pass for the eat well dinner.

Healthy Lunch


Gardening Club

The Green Gym provided raised beds around the property.
The Communal gardens are provided for all tenants to enjoy. Some tenants have a piece of garden to look after. A number of tenants have now formed a Gardening Club to encourage other tenants to participate and enjoy the gardens.


Wi-fi is available to all residents on all floors.